Anti-terror drill monitoring with Orion tethered UAV.

Anti-terror drill monitoring with Orion tethered UAV.

One tethered UAV to locate dangers and coordinate efficiently hundreds of emergency workers.

In case of a terrorist chemical attack, a tethered UAV can provide critical information before committing first responders into the contaminated zone.

See how Elistair’s Orion Tethered drone  provided continuous overwatch during a Counter Terror scenario in France.

The tethered drone system was deployed during an Inter-ministerial CBRN-E Zonal training to provide permanent live video support during the entire exercise.

The drill simulated a terrorist attack with a dispersion of chemical agents.

More than 200 people from the health, rescue, defence, and security services were mobilized, as well as 130 extras victims.

The persistent UAV tethered to its ground station benefits from unlimited power and doesn’t rely on batteries.

It is kept in a safe flight zone thanks to the micro-tether. Quickly deployed on site and able to reach 80 meters in altitude it can stay in the air up to 10 consecutive hours.

Operational in a few minutes it offers a critical aerial view over wide areas, and allows optimal decision making by the security forces as well as a better monitoring of the coordination of the ground teams.


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