Drones could be used to disinfect Australia’s streets, malls

Drones could be used to disinfect Australia’s streets-malls

Drones could soon be used in Australia to disinfect the streets, shopping malls, and playgrounds in a new plan to take on coronavirus and squish as soon as possible.

The drone best known for watching over beaches, Westpac Little Ripper, is working with authorities to see how drones can assist in disinfecting the streets.

The Westpac Little Ripper drones are currently flying in a trial to see if they can effectively be used to disinfect Australian streets, shopping malls, and playgrounds to reduce the effect of coronavirus.

The drones can efficiently and effectively spray environmentally friendly disinfectant from Grenof Technologies.

The Little Ripper Group is also using its Ripper Training Academy to manage pilots around Australia to get more disinfectant sprayed promptly.

The Little Ripper Group recently posted on its Facebook page that they recently received a few more of DJI’s Agras MG-1P agricultural spraying drones to help with the need for drone able to spray disinfectant.


“The drones can fly delivering disinfectant through environmentally friendly active agents. This can neutralise the COVID-19 virus on surfaces in places like public malls, public playgrounds, public gym areas, schools, universities, hospitals, child-care centres, aged-care facilities, shopping centres, supermarkets, factories and warehouses.”

The Little Ripper Group has been active in the world of drones for the last few years with its first venture in drones being those that watch over the beach similarly to the Westpac helicopters and check for sharks. Recently after the Australian bushfires, the Little Ripper Group stood up to the plate and deployed drones to locate animals that survived the bushfires and needed critical health care.

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    Photos: Little Ripper Group