A.Drones develops new Centaur heavy payload unmanned ground vehicle

A.Drones develops new Centaur heavy payload unmanned ground vehicle

A.Drones, a leading Ukrainian provider of tactical robotic systems, is developing the newest heavy-duty unmanned ground vehicle capable of carrying a payload of up to 500 kg.

The new robot, called the Centaur, is a multi-utility tactical unmanned ground vehicle. It allows to perform various mission profiles, from mule to force protection and surveillance, using a variety of modular payloads.

Capable of performing in dangerous or hard-to-reach areas, the Centaur provides safety and security to the mounted and dismounted forces, increases their operational effectiveness, and keeps them out of harm’s way.

The Centaur all-terrain tactical logistics platform carries up to 500 kg lbs of supplies, equipment or materials. It can easily maneuver with precision in confined areas, which all contributes to a lighter and more effective ground force.

A feature of the vehicle is adjusted simplicity and high structural reliability. And the most important feature is modularity, providing multifunctionality.

The Centaur can be used as a cargo “mule” for delivering equipment and ammunition, for evacuating the wounded, as a mobile fire point, and as a carrier for a tethered drone in a fire-fighting version.

Like air drones, the Centaur has fully digital/network architecture of control and communications system providing the transmission of high-resolution video with minimum delay. The network architecture allows a grouping of vehicles to work in a unified network, interacting with each other, as well as with air drones. In addition, to control in case of the operator’s visual contact with the Centaur, a miniature control panel has been developed for one operator’s hand.

by Dylan Malyasov
07:41 (GMT+0000) February 7, 2020