Water Drone Monitors Pool For Potential Drownings

This drone like pool monitor goes well beyond the actions of a detection system. It uses a complex AI program to keep a pool safe. The company’s website explains that it “constantly monitors the pool with its built-in underwater video camera, using computer vision and artificial intelligence technology . CORAL MANTA is programmed to detect people in the pool as well as their position and motion. Using this technology it constantly analyzes the real time video that it captures from the underwater camera and whenever it identifies a near drowning event it generates an alarm.” The device is able to detect the difference between a near drowning experience and underwater play. If an incident occurs, a loud alarm goes off and alerts are sent through an app to any handheld device. There is no need to turn the system on and off when the pool is not in use or being cleaned. The Coral Manta works 24 hours, 7 days a week powered by it’s built in solar panels or electric safety plug.

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