Heathrow Airport Gets 5km-Range Holographic Drone Detection

Holographic Radar also requires only a very narrow bandwidth, making it very spectrum efficient compared to traditional radars.
By dwelling on targets continuously and for long periods, not only is detection performance against multiple targets excellent but a rich data set containing target specific information enables high discrimination performance.
The information that can be extracted from the radar relating to individual targets is exceptionally detailed, and using advanced signal processing techniques it lends itself to very high levels of target discrimination and low false alarm rates.
In addition to target location and track, very fine Doppler resolution allows target movement to be measured.
Holographic radar essentially digitizes the entire volume of airspace it sees, a fundamental advance on any form of scanning radar.
Heathrow Airport Gets 5km-Range Holographic Drone Detection - American Security Today
Heathrow Airport Gets 5km-Range Holographic Drone Detection – American Security Today

The fast and accurate detection of rogue drones will help to keep Heathrow’s passengers and colleagues safe and will support the airport, law enforcement and air traffic controllers as they work to protect Heathrow’s airspace.
This new kit will enhance detection capabilities and minimize delays, helping passengers to get to their destinations on time.
The technology will also help the airport to meet its sustainability objectives, by reducing fuel wastage and additional flight stacking caused by unauthorized drones use.
This news follows the introduction of legislation prohibiting unauthorized drones from being flown within the Flight Restriction Zone (FRZ) which extends out to 5km of any airport boundary, which was introduced in March 2019.
Pilots who break the law and fly drones without permission within a FRZ in the UK can face a prison sentence of up to five years.

“The safety and security of our passengers and colleagues is our number one priority,” explained Jonathan Coen,” Director of Security for Heathrow Airport Ltd.
“That is why we’re investing in this new cutting-edge technology which will enhance our capabilities in the detection and deterrence of drones in and around our airfield.”“We’re delighted to have this unique system keeping our skies safe and helping passengers and cargo to get to their destinations on time.”
“Aveillant is pleased that its counter drone systems have been selected to be deployed at Heathrow and that they are able to contribute to the safety and security of passengers and airlines at the UK’s largest international airport,” added Dominic Walker, CEO of Aveillant Limited.